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Winning at anything begins in your mind.  Success starts with not only positive thinking, but your thoughts have to be rooted in faith. You must have an unwavering determination to succeed, no matter what obstacles come against you.

No doubt, obstacles will present themselves.  Anticipate them. That’s just part of the journey. Stumbling blocks along the way are ‘par for the course’, yet they don’t have to stop you.  When you face challenges or problems, that’s not the time to quit or give up.  That’s the time to dig deeper to find your resolve.  Problems really only present themselves to force you to think about how to create other possibilities.  Obstacles are opportunities for you to grow.

Today’s post focuses on 3 powerful mind shifts you need to make, if you are going to succeed and win at anything you are trying to accomplish. Whether your goal is to have a great relationship, grow a successful business,  develop additional streams of income, or whether it is simply to gain more confidence, these are 3 powerful realities that you must give your energy to:

I can’t tell you how many people I have coached, or simply talked to in conversation who were so afraid of losing that they actually lost.  People who are afraid to open up and truly love someone else because they themselves have been hurt so many times, end up sabotaging their relationships because they allow their fears, hurts, and insecurities to get the best of them.  People who are so anxious about losing their job because of past disappointments end up losing their jobs because what they focus on the most will manifest itself in their lives/careers. Instead shift your thinking and start focusing your thoughts on what you want, not on what you don’t want.

Stop giving all of your power over to someone else. YOU have been called to greatness. YOU have been chosen for this moment.  YOU have the goods to accomplish great things. Stop hiding behind false humility.  Stop waiting for the perfect moment, the perfect mate, the perfect job or career. There is no such thing.  YOU make everything you touch turn into gold, simply by choosing to believe that what you have to offer is valuable, worthy, and something that the world needs.

Once you become very aware of yourself then it’s almost a job when someone tries to tell you about you.  Look, people are always going to form an opinion about you, no matter what you do.  It’s not up to you to prove your naysayers wrong, shift your focus and start to prove your supporters right.  More importantly,  focus on proving it to yourself.  You have what it takes to partner with a great man or woman in order to create a great relationship.  You have what it takes to maximize who you are at work.  You have what it takes to develop streams of income and to build a great business if that’s your goal.  When you allow your confidence to take center stage, you will learn how to use constructive criticism to your advantage, while not allowing negative criticism to stop your progress.

This is why I want to invite you to my first GOAL SETTING WORKSHOP of the year!!!

In this live training you will learn:

  1. How to put measures in place that will empower you to STOP procrastinating
  2. How to set S.M.A.R.T. goals
  3. How to achieve your FIRST goal of the year QUICKLY!

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