Attract What You Desire | The Law of Attraction at Work

One of the greatest lessons in life that I have learned is that it is of no consequence to simply complain about things in life that we don’t like.


There is no empowerment in complaining.  In fact, much of what people complain about is of their own doing.

Why do I say that?

Because we attract what we focus on the most. So when we are complaining about our relationships, our jobs, our bodies, our friends, or something else, we are giving our full attention to those things, we empower those things to come into our lives and to remain.

It’s truly eye opening when you realize that maybe YOU have attracted those things into your life that you are complaining about.

But what’s even more empowering is that YOU have the power to change all that…

Create your environment based on what’s inside of you, instead of reacting to what’s going on around you.  Complaining about people and circumstances only causes negative situations and circumstances to remain. Re-creating negativity feeds into it, until all you see is what you do not want to see.

Vibrate to a higher self-image. Change the way you see yourself, and re-frame the conversation that you have with yourself about yourself.

Shift your focus towards those things that you DO want to attract into your life.

Let this be your new affirmation:

  1. I attract wealth, health, and love
  2. I am happy TODAY because it’s the emotion I choose to dominate my life
  3. I am open to receive blessings, and all that is good

Create a new reality for yourself.  The laws of attraction are always at work, so be intentional about what thoughts you allow to remain in your brain, shift your focus so that you unleash the power to bring you only what you desire…

…and those positive things will eventually manifest in your life, because you’ve attracted them.

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