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Become a Trained Life & Professional Coach


About Dr. Jacki

As a Certified Life & Professional Coach, I’ve coached groups and individuals in the areas of personal and professional development, for the more than a decade. 

I began training church groups.  

As a corporate coach, I now conduct group coaching sessions for upper level managers.

It was always my desire to become an entrepreneur.  My passion is helping others achieve their personal and professional goals.

My love of teaching and coaching led me to launch my own business.  My signature coach training course empowers aspiring coaches so that they too can build profitable businesses. 

I show you how to take your business to the next level by gaining more confidence in your ability to identify, attract, and secure individual as well as corporate clients, based on proven methods and experience.

In this course I share with you lessons that I learned along the way, and how I attracted the attention of my most lucrative corporate client to date. 

I also help you discover ways in which you can also create an awareness around your business, strategies that you may not have considered, that will make your business more visible, while also coaching you in ways that help you develop the confidence you need to go after the “big fish”!

My strategy for attracting clients has allowed me the opportunity to provide coaching services for individuals, non-profit groups, corporate entities, as well as government municipalities.  

I’ve coached diverse audiences including; local churches, community and civic groups, local and state government, health care organizations, and Fortune 500 companies.


Here’s what you will learn during this signature training

HOW THE MIND WORKS: How to understand the different mind sets that hinder people from moving forward

WHAT IT MEANS TO ACTIVATE PERSONAL POWER:  How to overcome barriers that prevent positive changes

GUIDE  PEOPLE ALONG THE JOURNEY FROM OVER-ANALYSIS TO TAKING ACTION: How to empower people towards making positive inspired life changes

THE POWER OF MOTIVATION:  Teach others how to identify what internally motivates them, so that they can enhance performance and achieve goals faster

If You:

Are an aspiring coach/entrepreneur and you want to launch and grow your business.

Want to leverage the power of exposing your business to a greater customer/client base.

Have a desire to be promoted at work, or you are in a leadership role.

Want to boost your confidence so that you can confidently seize and create your own amazing opportunities.

Download the course materials which include my signature training course (4 Modules + Virtual Classroom + PDF forms and downloads to begin your business)

Price | $997.00