The Coach’s Training School – Life & Professional Coaching

Welcome future CERTIFIED COACH!

You are about to join countless others who have been trained in the latest methods of effective personal & professional coaching.  The tools, methodologies, techniques, and skills that you are about to learn will empower you to be able to provide a successful coaching experience to each and every client you serve. This is a proven system that works. It’s easy to follow, easy to implement, and it’s a common sense approach that will enable you to empower your client(s) to WANT to make positive changes both personally, and professionally.

Here is what you’ll learn:

Module #1 What Makes a Great Coach

You’ll learn how to create an atmosphere that offers support and assistance to groups and individuals seeking to implement positive changed and achieve desired goals.

Module #2  How the Mind Works (Recognizing What Holds People Back, and How to Overcome Self-Limiting Belief Systems)

  1. The Theory of the Mind and it’s relevance in coaching.
  2. How to challenge your client’s self-limiting beliefs (The Power of the Mind).
  3. NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and how to leverage it in coaching
  4. Meta-Models (how to listen beyond the words).
  5. How to motivate your clients towards making positive behaviour changes, in order to empower them to get what they desire and achieve goals.
  6. The art of Good Listening

Module #3 The 5 Step Coaching Model (Guiding Clients On a Journey Towards Success)

In this module we will examine the 5 Step Coaching Model that I have used to coach corporate groups,  as well as indivdals, in the areas of personal & professional development, positive change,  and success. The 5 steps include:

C = Clarify the goal

0 = Observe the motivation

A = Brainstorm all aternatives

C = Choose an Action

H = Hold accountable

Module #4 Branding & Monetizing Your Coaching Business

Includes Business Coaching Plus (valued at $3500.00)

Review of your entire online presence and give you constructive feedback and suggestions on what you can do to make your brand and your business client attractive so that you can capture more leads and potential customers/clients.

Identify and design an ideal client profile so that you can attract your most profitable target market so that you can serve your dream clients, clients who are perfect for your type business model, and who are willing and eager to invest in your products and services.

Design and package your signature offer so that you can streamline your business and focus your energy on fewer and more ideal clients, in order to hit your target revenue goals. I help you perfect your signature offer so that your message resonates with your ideal clients so that they are ready, willing, and able to pay for the value of your products and services.

I brainstorm with you to explore all of the possibilities, helping you to identify your lead magnet so that you can attract the ideal customer, gain their trust, and automate your list building efforts.

I help you to develop a marketing strategy including target audience selection, and grow your social media following through automation. You will also learn how to write out a proven script for you to have powerful, transformational discovery calls that will convert your prospects into paying clients who can pay upfront and in full.

***Certification Is Included***

Your Investment | $1500.00 

About your Coach Instructor:   

“Life begins on the other side of your fears” – Dr. Jacki

I write, speak, teach and coach with an emphasis in the areas of Personal & Professional Development.  I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Illinois State University, and both my Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Theology from Andersonville College.  I am also a Certified Medical Assistant and Life Coach. I empower people to discover their purpose, fulfill their destiny, and experience greater fulfillment in their lives. I have been coaching people to live happier & healthier in all areas of life for more than a decade now.

I’ve worked in the health care industry,  in education,  and in the insurance/financial services industries for more than 30 years before founding JR Jones Enterprises, Inc. – Life & Professional Coaching and Jones Consulting.

More than 10 years ago now I decided to honor my desire to create my ideal life, which for me meant being self-employed, with the ability to work from anywhere on the planet. So I developed a plan, I sold houses, I paid off debt, I saved money, and I began to align everything in my life in honor of that dream.

Now, on the other side of that decision, I can tell you that I feel FREE.  The lessons I’ve learned, both personally & professionally, are lessons that I share with my thousands of  BLOG READERS,  and with those who I coach and mentor.  I know what it’s like to feel stuck. I also know what it’s like when you decide to be brave and bold enough to make decisions that move you forward.  That’s why I am so passionate about helping others WIN in life.

Today, I speak to women’s groups, I speak for churches & ministry organizations,  health fairs & conferences. I also teach, coach and mentor others in areas of personal and professional development.  Here on my site you will find personal & professional development courses and programs designed to help you move forward in the area of achieving your personal & professional goals.

Dr. Jacki is featured as a woman of influence in Let’s Talk About Business.  

My life is about serving others, it’s about helping men & women discover their true value.   Empowering people to choose faith over fear is my life’s calling.  Helping people get “unstuck”, so that they can find the courage to pursue their dreams, and create the kind of life that they envision for themselves is what I believe I have been placed in this earth.

Your Investment | $1500.00 

One Payment


3 Monthly Payments  | $597.00