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Passion and Purpose | 3 Reasons Why It’s Important to Listen to Your Life – Master Class

1 December, 2017 @ 9:30 am - 12:00 pm

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Position the last quarter of 2017 so that you can seize 2018!

Awww the comfort zone…

It’s beautiful

It’s comfortable

It’s familiar

It can be a wonderful place to be, especially after a season to trial and error. After you hit your stride, it’s nice to be able to settle into a place of consistency and yes even peace and stillness.

Here’s the problem. As beautiful as a your comfort zone can be, nothing ever grows there, not even you.

With growth comes change, with change comes a moving away from the familiar into unknown territory, but that’s doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

This half-day LIVE event will challenge you to step outside of your comfort zone, and embrace the courage to step into you power. As we prepare to finish this year strong, here are 7 areas in which you will be empowered step into your personal power NOW.

  1. Visualize and set specific goals. Think in terms of 30 day achievements. Where would you like to be, what do you want to be doing, who do you want to be partnership with? Write those goals down. Meditate on them and take inspired action.
  2. Invest in your own happiness. Your happiness is not tied to anyone else, it is your responsibility. Stop empowering others to make you happy, take ownership of what brings YOU joy, and make no apology for it.
  3. Appreciate the pruning process. Change is good. Make the choice to decide not to resist change, but to embrace it with cool confidence, knowing that you are evolving and become a greater version of yourself. Some people may fall away during this process, be o.k. with that.
  4. Take control of what’s in YOUR power, and accept what is not. Let’s face it, you can only control you and your response, you can’t control other people. The sooner that THAT reality is internalized, the easier your life will be.
  5. Don’t allow others to place unrealistic expectations on you. You know what your “draw the line in the sand” issues are, you alone know when you’ve reached your limit where others are concerned. People will often put their own agenda on YOU. Resist, in love, but still resist and do what you know is best for YOU.
  6. Accept the apology that was never given. Some times you have to simply walk away, in order to keep your sanity. Some people may offend you, and they will never apologize. Learn to forgive, not for them but for you. Forgiveness doesn’t erase the offense, but it frees you from the pain of it, so that you can move on with your life.
  7. Keep moving forward. Be determined that you are going to be committed to your progress, not matter what. Be relentlessly determined that you are going to achieve your goals, and let nothing stop you.

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Event Host – Dr. Jacki Jones