Find Your Voice – Become GREAT at Public Speaking

As a child I had dreams of becoming a teacher.  I can remember playing school in my parent’s basement, playing the role of school teacher.  I had my books, my dolls and toys were my students.  I created lessons plans and tests, and I even graded them.  I would stand up in the front of the virtual classroom I had created in my own mine, and I would teach and instruct with passion, and in my mind, it was real.

I then graduated to my front porch.  I held classes on the front steps of my house and I would invite all of my friends and neighbors to come and hear what I had to say.

Funny thing is, they actually came.

I’ve always been passionate about public speaking.  My real opportunity to officially speak publicly came in high school.  As vice president of my student counsel, I gave the key note speech at a high school awards ceremony.  I knew then that this is what I was born to do.

Several years later, as an adult, I began speaking in churches and also in my career.  As the former Director of Client Operations for Carehere, Inc., a health management company, I was responsible for developing and presenting information to local, and city government municipalities on health care issues.  I also began to speak and teach in my church, as well as other local churches in my area.

After I began my business I landed my first corporate coaching contract with the State of Tennessee, as a performance coach.  I traveled the state for several months, facilitating 4 hour leadership coaching workshops for their upper level managers, across various departments including the department of corrections, the police department, the fire department, and the department of mental health.

The question I get asked most often is how do I speak publicly without getting nervous.

Part of it comes from simply doing what I’ve been called to do.  I believe that I was born for this. I believe that this is why God created me, so I speak with a sense of purpose.

Secondly, I can’t say that I never get nervous.  I did when I first started speaking publicly, and I still do on occasion. The secret is not in avoiding that nervous feeling, the secret is in simply doing what you are afraid to do.


I invite you attend if you;

* Are in leadership at work/church/in your community and you want to empower people through speaking

* Want to learn how to confidently speak in public

* Desire to be memorable even after your presentation

* Want to create opportunities for yourself to exercise your public speaking talents

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