How to Grow Your Side Hustle and Make More Money

I write and speak a lot about entrepreneurship.  I’m pretty passionate about it.  For a quick reference of previous blog posts I’ve written on the topic of entrepreneurship and career transition,   here are some quick links to those archives –  Time For A Career Change –   Your Profits Are In Your Purpose

I’ve had the opportunity to coach friends, clients, and family members in the process of developing their own side hustle.  I know from personal experience how difficult and how challenging the process can be.  Trying to juggle a job, while at the same time trying to build your business is not easy.  But if you have a strategy, it makes the process easier.

You can begin building your business on the side.  In this post, I share some more tips for those who might find themselves stuck, struggling or lost in the process, but who still have the desire to launch a business, while working a job.

Here are a few more  helpful tips:

Don’t quit your day job, yet.

Ok, let’s say it’s Monday morning and you may be experiencing the “Oh God it’s Monday” blues.  What ever you do, don’t give in to the temptation to throw in the towel just yet.  Do not allow your present frustruation to cause you to give up too soon.  Believe it or not, there is a purpose in this season for you as well.  I encourage you to think differently about where you are right now.  Think about what skills can you hone, at your employers expense, but for your benefit.  Leadership skills, organizational skills, money management skills.  It’s all for your ultimate purpose. Use it.  Work it.

Do what’s hard while things are easy.

Use this time, while you are receiving a steady paycheck, to build your business.  Remember, you are still working for yourself, even tho it may seem as if you are spending several hours a day building someone elses empire.  Your job gives you a paycheck,  but your job does not tell you what to use your money for.  That decision is totally up to you.  Use this time to pay off debt, build your savings, and invest in your business, build your OWN empire, smartly.

Develop your exit strategy.

There is nothing worse than being fired from a job, especially when you are not strategically prepared.  Plan your own departure.  Give yourself a timeline.  In the meantime, work YOUR plan, quietly and patiently.  By planning your own exit strategy, you give yourself something to look forward to, because you know that it’s not always going to be like this.

Do your best.

The better you perform on your present job, the more of an asset you become to your present employer.  The more of an asset you are to your employer, the more you secure your position there.  Don’t get me wrong, I do not believe in this notion of “job security”.  I still  believe that the only “job security” there is, is in your ability to go out there, kill it, and drag it home.  However, there is much to be gained from doing a good job while at work, because it speaks to your character.  Integrity will serve you well in your own business.

Coach Yourself!

Take action towards developing your side hustle. What’s ONE thing you can do THIS WEEK that will position you to build your passion based business on the side?  Write it down. Commit to it.  Remember, baby steps still count as long as they keep you moving in the right direction.