How To Turn Pain Into Purpose – VIDEO

Love never hurts.
However sometimes we get hurt in relationships when things don’t work out the way we may have wanted them to.
Pain is real, whether physical or emotional.  Yet when I talk about pain in this post today,  I’m not talking about the physical pain, like when you have a headache, or when your back hurts.

I’m talking about emotional pain like heartbreak or when an experience has left you feeling numb because the truth is that emotional pain is often manifested in our bodies therefore it can feel painful when we go thru difficult and challenging times.

Emotional pain can affect us in three areas:
1. Relationships
2. Job loss
3. Life changes
Here are some practical strategies that will help you to transform pain into purpose.


Acknowledge that you’ve been hurt. don’t be ashamed to say you’re hurting, because you cant heal what you wont confront.  You’ve heard the old saying…”closed mouths don’t get fed.”  Well your spirit needs to be nurtured in order for you to build yourself back up again.  Don’t be afraid to talk to someone who can help.  The stronger your support, the easier it is for you to overcome this.


Secondly, accept the lesson that that experience came to teach you. even in the worse of circumstances, be determined to find that small nugget of wisdom and choose to allow it to teach you something about YOU, not about the other person.


Thirdly, think about how you can turn what happened into a positive experience, for YOU. help someone else by sharing your testimony. write a blog or a book, start a cause, whatever you can do to turn it around so that what happened, as painful as it may have been, is really something that made you better, stronger, and wiser.