How to Launch & Grow a Successful Coaching Business

As a Certified Professional Coach I have been blessed with so many different opportunities to utilize my skills, training & experience, across various different industries.  I’ve provided leadership coaching for corporate groups, state and local government, educational institutions, churches and non-profit groups.  I also continue to offer personal coaching services to individuals who are struggling or stuck in their lives/careers. Coaching has opened so many exciting doors for me, allowing me to do what I love to do each and everyday.  I now have opportunities to coach groups and individuals thru speaking, mentoring, and writing.

I know that I am no different than many of you who read my blog.  I share the same life stories with quite a few of you.  I’ve learned life lessons, I’ve even learned the life lessons that I didn’t know I signed up for.

All in all, the great thing about being a coach for me is that I get to share my personal story of how a single black woman can build a business based on her passion for helping others succeed in the area of achieving their personal and professional goals.

Many of you aspiring coaches also have a story to tell. You are probably already considered to be the “go to” person in your circle of friends, in terms of giving great advice or feedback.

That’s why I think it’s so important to get the right kind of training in order to be effective in what you do. Coach training provides you the skills you need to be a great coach. I have put together a powerful coach training/certification workshop, so that you will not only be trained in the latest effective coaching techniques, but many of my students say that they themselves are coached through the course, in terms of their own personal and professional development.


Download the Coach Training Handbook

Here’s what you will learn in 4 modules:

Module #1 What Makes a Great Coach

Module #2  How the Mind Works (Recognizing What Holds People Back, and How to Overcome Self-Limiting Belief Systems)

Module #3 The 5 Step Coaching Model (Guiding Clients On a Journey Towards Success)

Module #4 Branding & Monetizing Your Coaching Business

INVESTMENT | At Home Study $547.00  

Many of my students who have gone on to launch their own successful coaching businesses have started to make money doing what they love to do, and that is, to help others!  

So if you’re ready to launch your coaching business and start making money doing what you love register for the next online Coach Training/Certification Workshop!