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Why  don’t good employees become great, and why do great employees leave?

A popular study came up with a surprising finding. If you have low employee moral, if good employees don’t appear to be motivated to become great, and if great employee’s are leaving your organization, there is a reason for it.  The reason may be shocking to you if you are in leadership.

While many in leadership and management assume that attracting quality employee’s and offering them a competitive pay with an amazing benefit package will be the reason why people stay and thrive within their organization, the truth is that nothing could be further from the truth.  A quality work force will still leave, and go straight to the competition.

Here’s why…

People leave management styles, not companies.

Take a look at the immediate supervisor.  More than any other reason as to why employees either don’t perform well or quit all together, or the reason why employees stay within an organization, has a great deal to do with their interaction with their most immediate supervisor.

If you’re company has a turn over problem, or if you want to drive performance within your organization by creating an environment where there is a “buy in” to want to perform well, on the part of your employees, then coaching more than just a style of management, needs to be taking place within your company.

I have been helping groups and teams increase their performance and productivity for more than 10 years. I specialize in the area of performance coaching. My clients have included:

The State of Tennessee Department of Human Resources

Churches & Ministries

Health Care & Local Government Municipalities


Leadership coaching services provided:

  1. Effective Team Building Activities
  2. Performance Coaching Geared Towards Increased Productivity
  3. Research & Development Styled Training Geared Towards The Unique Personality of Your Organization
  4. Four hour (1/2 day) or Eight hour (whole day) Presentations
  5. Video and Webinar Presentations

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