Loving Yourself Means Saying YES to You | Unleashing Your Potential

I’m a big believer in investing in yourself. I believe that when you focus on your own personal and professional development, then you really don’t have time to be concerned or jealous over what other people are doing. When you are so busy creating your own ideal life, then you don’t have time to compete with others.

 Too often people delay investing in themselves because they come us with a ton of excuses. Some common excuses that I hear all the time are:

I can’t afford it” 

I don’t have the time” 

or my favorite one….”I’ll do it, SOMEDAY”

If you are not living your dreams, chances are one of the reasons is because you haven’t invested in YOU.  How many personal/professional development courses have you taken this year?  What new skills have you learned recently?  When was the last time you attended a workshop or a networking event?

Life shouldn’t be about how much stuff you can accumulate. What’s more important is what you get to experience, and how you can become the happy and successful person you were meant to be.

It’s important to invest in yourself in the following areas:

In your spiritual growth

How do you connect with your creator?  Do you have a daily inspirational routine?  What do you do to feed your spirit?

In your personal development

Have you taken any courses or participated in any programs this year that challenged and empowered you to be a better person?

In your professional development

What actions have you taken this year to advance your career or to start/grow your business?

It’s time to say yes to YOU.  Stop wishing for a better life, start creating it.  Stop hoping for your business to take off, start taking action by doing those things that you know over time will yield you the harvest that you are hoping for.  Stop waiting for someday, because someday is not a day on the calendar, someday will never come.  Embrace the power of NOW.

Coach Yourself!

Make a decision to invest in an area of your life, an area that you may have allowed yourself to believe your own excuses.  Once you become intentional about taking life changing action, that’s when you will begin to see positive transformation.

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