Stop Struggling and Allow Your Life’s Mission to Unfold

What is the mission for your life?

It’s a powerful coaching question for you to ask of yourself. Think about it, every great organization has a mission statement.  Why?  Because it is a written representation of their core values, and it is a powerful way of reminding themselves of who they truly are.

Think of your life as your organization.  You are the C.E.O. of YOU, Inc.  What does your company look like?  What are your core values?  What is the meaning of your existence here on earth? What’s your service?  What or who are you an answer to?

Your mission statement is the essence of who you are, taking into consideration all of your strengths and challenges, hopes and dreams,  gifts and talents,  abilities and passions.

Having a clear understanding of your life’s mission is important because it becomes your guide as you make decisions. When you are intentional about only choosing those options that are aligned with your values, you stay true to your life’s mission.  You will make better choices in relationships.  You will make better career choices.  Areas of health & wellness will improve.

When you choose outside of your values then you stray away from your mission, you become someone you’re not. You lose your authenticity when you choose outside of your core values, and you begin to live in ways that are beneath you.

Here is a powerful coaching exercise designed to help you develop your own personal mission statement. Remember to answer as if you are already “that person”

Coaching questions to ask yourself that lead to the discovery of your purpose

I am at my best when:

I enjoy finding opportunities where I can:

I find enjoyment in my personal life through:

I find opportunities to use my natural talents and gifts such as:

People recognize me as being an expert in:

I am energized by:

My greatest life lessons learned have been:

Most often, purpose is found in pain.  When we have been through difficulties, then lived to tell about them, that becomes our testimony, and it can be used to help heal others.

Listen to your life. Evaluate the lessons life has given you to learn, both good and bad.

Therein lies your life’s mission.

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