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How to Create a Social Media Content Calendar

1. Start with a social media audit Before you can create a social media planning calendar, you need to take stock of your current social media efforts. What platforms are you using? Which ones are performing the best? Should you continue publishing to all of them? Or are there any that can be deprecated? Are there…

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24 Ways to Engage Your Social Media Audience

1. Engage Authentically! Once you know where your audience hangs out, it’s essential to engage authentically. The best conversations arise from sharing who you are and being willing to be different, even if you feel like you are out on a limb! I find the more ‘out there’ my comments are, the more people engage……

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The Power of Contentment

It’s time to talk about how to find contentment. Why? Because this important attitude can help you in your business, and in your life. Being content doesn’t mean that you do not desire more. We should always want more of everything good as we travel on this journey called life. Being content means that you…

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What is Emotional Intelligence?

Did you catch my LIVE MASTER CLASS on Emotional Intelligence? What is Emotional Intelligence (EI)? Emotional Intelligence is the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one’s emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships in a well balanced way. We define EI or EQ as the ability to: Recognize, understand and manage our own emotions…

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