Meet Dr. Jacki

“Life begins on the other side of your fears” – Dr. Jacki

I write, speak, teach and coach with an emphasis in the areas of Personal & Professional Development.  I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Illinois State University, and both my Master’s and Doctorate degrees in Theology from Andersonville College.  I am also a Certified Medical Assistant and a Certified Professional Coach. I empower people to discover their purpose, fulfill their destiny, and experience greater fulfillment in their lives. I have been coaching people to live happier & healthier in all areas of life for more than a decade now.

I coach corporate groups across various industries including health care, ministry, education, insurance/financial services industries. 

I created The Emerging Black Women Entrepreneurs Community because I am passionate about helping women develop and maximize their leadership gifts.

I share tips and lessons learned with thousands of my  BLOG READERS,  and also those within our growing community.  

On a personal note, here are 10 interesting tidbits about me…let’s go!

1. I love listening to ole’ school hip-hop while dancing like no one’s watching

2.  I plan to live abroad.  

3. I binge watch documentaries on weekends.

4. I love to cook.

5. I enjoy singing.

6. I’m a former volleyball champion.

7.  I’m an introvert.

8.  I love to run in the park.

9. I work a lot, probably way too much, and I enjoy it!

10. My favorite place to be is always at home.


Dr. Jacki has been featured as a women of influence in PRLog Press ReleaseAbout Me and  Let’s Talk About Business.

Contact Dr. Jacki @, or follow her on any of her social media platforms 


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