Profit Prophecy | Guide

YES, You were born for this…

You were born for purpose…

You may have a great job but you are not limited by your paycheck

There’s more in you, and yes I would venture to say that you have at least 4 streams of income inside of you…

Those streams may be dormant, but they are there

Awaken what’s inside of you…


Because no matter how great your current employment situation may be right now, your employer’s only obligation is to pay you just enough, so that you keep coming back, week after week.

Your employer is never under any obligation to empower you to get ahead.

That’s where you come in…

No matter what financial freedom looks like to you, you will never get there until you embrace your purpose.

Everyone has a purpose.  Most people settle for far less than they were created for.

Profit Prophecy speaks to the greatness that’s on the inside of you, whether your desire is to maximize your current employment situation, or grow and build a passion based business

This easy to read eBook is complete with coaching guides after each chapter, so that you can coach yourself through the journey of self discovery as your life’s mission unfolds

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Week 3: Understand Your Why

Week 4: Structure Your Launch

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